Matrice 100 NDVI Smarter Farming Kit – Powered by PrecisionHawk


Key features:
 Assembled M100 in dual battery configuration for 35min flight time to map 160 acres in a single flight.
 2x X3 cameras for both RGB and multispectral image capture.
 1-year license of PrecisionHawk’s industry leading DataMapper analytics software.
PrecisionHawk DataMapper is a cloud-based analytics solution for agriculture. Designed with ease of use in mind, farmers are able to fly their fields automatically by using the InFlight autopilot App. The M100 will then carry out its mission and land at a predesignated location.
Image data captured is then uploaded toDataMapper for processing. All industry standard vegetative indices are included within the subscription, such as NDVI, ENDVI, VARI, SAVI, as well as orthomosaics. Typical processing times are approximately two hours once upload is complete. All data is exportable as GeoTiffs, KMZ, and shape files for integration into a wider farm management workflow.
If issues are identified in the field, pilots can then change to the RGB camera to observe trouble spots and perform an assessment.
Basic package:
 1x M100 Matrice platform
 1x DJI Remote
 5x TB48 batteries
 Zenmuse X3 Camera
 Zenmuse X3 Multispectral Camera
 Weather resistant hard shell carry case
 1-yr DataMapper Standard license
 InFeld Desktop software data management
 InFlight mobile app for mission planning

Price: $8,300.00
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