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Highly efficient

The T20 increases the maximum load to 20kg, and with the 7-meter wide spraying width, the operating efficiency of a single aircraft is increased to 25 acres, and the hourly operating efficiency is increased to 180 acres, making the operation more efficient. [1]

Autonomous operation, easy and precise

Just simply set the operating parameters, T20 can achieve fully autonomous operation in various operating scenarios such as fields, terraces, orchards. In addition, the T20 is equipped with RTK centimeter-level positioning function as standard, which makes the fully autonomous and accurate operations routine.

Good results come from powerful configuration

T20 adopts eight nozzles design, 6L/min high-flow water pump, and deep optimized wind field design, which can make the droplets uniform and dense, and easily cover both sides of crop leaves. The newly developed four-channel electromagnetic flowmeter can independently control the four T20 liquid pipelines, making the spraying effect of each nozzle closer and the overall spraying more uniform.

Multiple guarantees, safer flight

The T20 is equipped with an omnidirectional digital radar, which can identify horizontal and omnidirectional obstacles, and has the functions of automatically bypassing obstacles and imitating ground to fully ensure operational safety. Radar operation is not affected by ambient light and dust, and can perceive the farmland environment all-weather, and flight safety is further improved. T20 is also equipped with a real-time image monitoring system and night searchlights, allowing you to easily monitor the equipment operating environment.

Real farmland

Radar imaging

Waterproof and dustproof radar

Real-time image monitoring system

Simple to use, worry-free maintenance

The T20 body adopts a modular design, which can be quickly folded to reduce space occupation and facilitate transportation. The operation box and battery support quick plugging and unplugging, which shortens the time for operation replenishment. The protection level of the core module reaches IP67, and the body can be washed directly with water [2] . Thanks to the addition of the four-channel electromagnetic flowmeter and electromagnetic exhaust valve, T20 can realize the water pump calibration-free and one-button automatic exhaust air, making daily use more worry-free and labor-saving.

New remote control, revolutionize productivity

The performance of the new generation remote controller has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation. At the same time, the MG app ushered in a comprehensive upgrade, the system runs smoother and the interface operation is simpler. Standard RTK high-precision positioning module, easy to achieve cm-level operation planning. Equipped with a 5.5-inch high-brightness screen, which allows you to see the screen clearly and operate easily under the scorching sun. The remote control supports external batteries, and the overall battery life is doubled compared to the previous generation, which fully meets the needs of long-term and high-intensity operations.

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