The T30 increases the maximum load of the plant protection drone to 40 kg [1] , and the field plant protection efficiency has reached a new height; the revolutionary "deformed" body, the fruit tree plant protection spraying effect is outstanding; with digital agricultural solutions, scientific guidance to lose weight and increase production.

30 liter job box
Spherical radar system
IP67 protection of the whole machine
Dual FPV real-time monitoring
Fully autonomous high-precision operation
Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform

The branch-to-target technology penetrates the thick canopy of fruit trees

16 The sprinkler heads are completely covered with super uniformity, strong settlement, anti-drift

With the new 16 nozzle layout, the droplet settlement is further improved. Equipped with 8 sets of solenoid valves for independent frequency conversion control, even turning can be sprayed evenly. The horizontally opposed six-cylinder double plunger pump is designed to provide strong power for spraying, and can provide a large flow rate of up to 8 liters/min.

240 acres in 1 hour

Spherical radar, flying without blind spots

The new spherical radar system can perceive obstacles and surrounding environments in all environments, all weather, and all viewing angles, without fear of dust and light intrusion. It has the functions of automatically bypassing obstacles and imitating ground to fully ensure the safety of operations.

Front and rear FPV, advance and retreat

The T30 is equipped with dual FPV cameras, so the front and rear vision is clear at a glance, and you can get insight into the flight status without turning. At the same time, the high-brightness searchlight doubles the night vision effect, illuminates your flying defense road at night, and has more night operations.

Triple structure guarantees no fear of liquid medicine

The control module adopts a fully enclosed structure, with three-layer protection for the core components, and the protection level of the whole machine is IP67. No fear of chemical liquids, dust, fertilizers, dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, strong and durable.

Easy to fold, worry-free transition

The new folding truss structure is strong and reliable. After folding, the body is reduced by 80%, making the transition and transportation more efficient. The folding mechanism is in place and self-checking, one-key locking, double anti-loosening, safer operation and safer operation.

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